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Lets help our fellow HOG member John Brennan

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John Brennan (known as Santa) is a father, stepfather, brother, uncle, friend & spouse.
John was also apart of Tramontin’s Northwest Hog chapter.
John is the kind of person to help a stranger on the side of the road, without a thought and never give his name, because he does not want or expect anything in return.
In February 2017 started his journey on trying to figure out why he passed out suddenly at home. While in the hospital they discovered a spot on his esophagus, which led him to a gastro enologist  specialist, an endoscopy was performed, while waking from the procedure, he heard these words from the doctor, “Mr. Brennan, I’m concerned for you and you need to know that, YOU HAVE STAGE 3 ESOPHAGEAL CANCER.”
A few weeks later a Port was emplaced with exploratory surgery. This just begun the first of many surgeries a few days later 1st round of chemo had started.
The past few months, the hardest part of coping with the chemo, doctor visits and surgery, is the anticipation of the future. The one thing John misses the most is riding his Harley, making people SMILE, especially as SANTA driving throughout his home town Hopatcong N.J. & surrounding towns , on Rt. 80 going to Tramontin Harley Davidson Hope, NJ where charitable events take place all of the time.
The last time he rode was to a Railmen’s  Ride, Christmas in July benefit, organized by N.J. Transit (he just could not resist, due to his illness he was unable to participate in the full ride), A very kind friend allowed John to borrow his Harley, due to the fact he was unable to keep his own Harley to help fund his NEW medical expenses as well as living expenses.
The cancer has taken his job at Birch Lumber of almost 30 years, and he has yet to receive any form of income since March 2017.
ALL donations received as of now have been GREATLY appreciated, YOU ALL have gotten John through his 1st chapter. Weather a small donation or a prayer to lift his spirit, to help him through this difficult time and next chapter of LIFE. John’s surgery to remove tumors will be Sept.14,2017.
HELP SANTA KEEP RIDING to put smiles on every person he see’s throughout the year & many more to come with all his health in store.